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Bayside is one of the major seven bands of the Calabar carnival which is made up of 10 sections and its members and also represents the distinct band colour blue. They are an integral part of the vibrant carnival celebration. This group has carved out its own unique and significant style within the larger carnival celebration. They have emerged as a dynamic energy within the carnival scene bringing together individuals who share a passion for music, dance, arts and elaborate costumes, its roots are entwined with the inception of the Calabar carnival itself.
Founded by His Excellency Donald and Onari Duke, the band quickly gained recognition for its lively street performance and commitment to showcasing the importance of Calabar cultural identity. The band became known for its ability to mesmerize audiences and embody the spirit of carnival. Participating yearly, the Bayside band has contributed significantly to the carnival's success by adding depth and vibrancy to the overall experience not merely as entertainers but as custodians of Calabar cultural legacy